Thursday, August 13, 2009

Jacks on old bobbins

I've had a nice productive last couple of days. I framed some more vintage flash cards for Blackberry Junction, got some fall stitcheries framed and finished up these fun looking pumpkin Jacks on old bobbins. Each face is hand stitched and I made sure that the buttons that are their eyes don't match as well. I like how each one ended up with it's own personality. I had all of the orange ones cut out and then decided to make some ghost pumpkin one's as well. I got 18 of these fun guys made - some of the orange Jacks will be available at the Girl's Back Porch, and the rest will go to Blackberry Junction. All of the white one's will be at Blackberry Junction. I'm selling these fun pumpkin guys for $9.95 each.

Monday, August 10, 2009


I just finished up these great scarecrow shelf sitters. I will have them for sale at the Girl's Back Porch in a couple of weeks and Blackberry Junction in Albany in September. It feels so good to be craftin' for fall. The pattern is from Chestnut Junction - just love her designs.

Cool Fall/ Halloween stamps

I was at Joann's today and came across these clear stamps - only $1.00 a package. I just love the designs! They will be great in my fall crafting and you can't beat the price.


In December my son and I went to the Saturday market Holiday Market here in Salem to pick out a kitty. I let Aidan choose and he picked out a great cat and named her Nadia ( which is Aidan backwards). Of course the name fits her to a "T" because she is soooooo naughty too. We did our best to keep her an indoor cat, but she was just too passionate about going outside. When she learned to open the locked front door we gave up.
When we came home the other day my hubby snapped this picture of her - sometimes she is just too curious for her own good. When she came running to see us she even had more spider web on her face then in the photo - silly kitty!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Country Sampler

Whew - it's been a crazy last couple of days. I've been busy trying to get things ready for the fall and getting my house ready for the Country Sampler shoot. It's so strange to think my humble home is going to be in a magazine. It was so much fun watching Donna and Philip shoot the house and interesting too. The house was a little dark, however. After days and days of warm weather and sunshine it was so cloudy on the day of the shoot. But they have great lighting so it worked out all right in the end. When I saw the pictures of my home on the computer - I thought wow that looks like a home in Country Sampler magazine! It was like seeing my house through someone else's eyes.
Donna brought tons of lovely flowers and dill too. Now the smell of my house reminds me of my grandmother. She always had flowers from her garden in the summer and she used dill. When I close my eyes I reminded of her.
I really enjoyed sharing my goodies with Donna (even though I'm an only child) and moving things around. When mom and I went to the Farm Chicks show - I purchased an old pie safe and repainted it and Philip and photographed that as well. It always feels good when other people like what I like too.
I'm not sure when the issue with my home in it will publish - most likely in the spring/ early summer of 2010 - as soon as I know I'll let everyone else know.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Candle Wraps

I'm slowly, but surely getting ready for fall. One of the things I have been working on are candle wraps. I just love 'em. I made some up at the beginning of summer that are nice and prim for year round and they have been selling really well at the Girl's Back Porch. Now I'm working on fall, Halloween, Christmas and of course any time designs. The one wrapped around the candle is from a stitchery design from Twigs. They fit so well in my Longaberger vegetable basket. I got two last year at Goodwill for $2.99 each. I will be selling these at all of my shows and at the Girl's Back Porch. They retail for $11.95.

Neat Vintage Flashcards

As part of my craft room clean up I was going through my vintage flash cards and found these. I've had them for years and never noticed how unusual they are. The letter "T" is almost always for table and "I" is igloo. Anyway I had some frames that they fit into nicely and I thought they would be darling in someone's Thanksgiving display. I'm going to sell them at the September Blackberry Junction for $6.50 ea. I also am going to frame some more flash cards that fit nicely into the fall theme.

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