Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Product

I always think its fun to try new things and I love looking for new things to make. This year I will be selling yummy smelling soy tarts and what I'm calling primitive sachets. 
I'm not sure how long the soy tarts burn yet, but they seem to be taking hours and hours. I thought I would be all smart and scientific and weigh one and then burn it for 10 hours and then weigh it again when it cooled and do the math - well it didn't use any of the tart up, so I will just have to burn it longer so I figure out about how long one will last. One inexpensive way to burn these tarts is  to place a tart in a little canning jar and then place it the jar on a candle warmer - it works great! These tarts don't burn so well in the scentsy warmers, however - they just don't get warm enough.  
I took a couple of pictures at Aunt Bee's of my new products (they are also available at Girl's as well. The tarts are 2 to a package at Aunt Bee's and sold individually at Girl's.
The sachets come in 7 different scents for now, but I plan on making more. These work great in a car, closet or drawers. I'm going to put one with my sheets so they will give me sweet dreams when I make my bed.

 I have 8 different scents of tarts for now, but I plan on making more as time goes by. I can't decide on my favorite scent - it may be Harvest or is it pumpkin pie? It's too hard to choose!

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