Monday, May 3, 2010

I'm filled to the brim at Aunt Bee's

Well I had a nice show, and it was so much fun. I spent this morning restocking my booth at Aunt Bee's - of course the table I was planning to use in my "vision" of the space sold this weekend (that happens to me a lot) so I had to rethink my booth but in the end I like how it came out. I hope the customers do to.

I went as high as I could go - can you tell? If you go and check it out be sure to look up and down!
Here is a close up of some of the Annies I got done. There are 3 at Aunt Bee's.

Here is another close up of my booth. Tomorrow I get to spend a couple of more hours working on my space at Girl's Back Porch. I spent a little time working on Saturday because I sold a piece of furniture. So by tomorrow there will be even more changes. In a couple of weeks I'll be bringing in Americana to both booths as well. Busy Busy - that's me.


Michelle said...

Where is Aunt B's located? My mom and I are going to Salem on Thursday and thought we'd stop in.


Engelhouse said...

Hi Michelle - Aunt Bee's is located on South Commercial where Spencer's Alley was before - 2673 Commercial Street S.E., Salem, OR 97302 Tel:503-585-9749 . Don't forget to stop at the Girl's Back Porch too. Aunt Bee's opens at 10am (sometimes a little earlier) and the Girl's Back Porch opens at 11am .
Have fun tomorrow.

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