Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I'm up and running again.

I can't believe how long it has taken me to get over being sick. I have been making lots of goodies for the Girl's Back Porch. I took a bunch in last week with my camera and was all ready to take some pictures and the batteries died in my camera. I took some cute primitive Annies and Black babies (as Dawn likes to call them). You can see pictures of some on my selling blog (the link is on the right of my blog). This week I will be bringing in some great items I found while junking and some goodies I fixed up and up dated.

I just love these pears. I just finished up a bunch of them today. I am taking 27 of them to the store and I have some listed on my selling blog. The green bowl is also going to the Girl's Back Porch.  It has issues but it is so neat looking. It has some chips and a bad crack, but would still look great on a shelf. I also got my order of hooked rugs yesterday and they are great for spring. I will be dropping goodies at the store tomorrow (Wednesday the 17th) hopefully sometime not long after the store opens. I am going to try and remember my camera so I can take updated pictures of the store.

If you get a chance please check out my new selling blog as well. I also am still listing patterns on ebay. At the bottom of this blog I have a widget with my auctions. If you double click on one it will take you to that auction and from there you can click on the link for my other auctions.
Hopefully I will be posting again before the end of the week with more pictures of the store.

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