Saturday, February 27, 2010

"Vintage" eye candy

One of the things I love about the country/ primitive look is that so much of it is timeless. There are some fads of course but so much that was enjoyed over 20 years ago would still be drooled over today. My mom has been collecting and reading Country Living magazine ever since the early 1980's and she has kept every issue. Now for some women this would be no big deal except my mother was an army wife and we moved on average of every two years - usually from one end of the country to the other and my dad was always worried about the weight of our worldly possessions (he would have to pay for anything that went over our weight allowance). So when ever it was time to move, we would take the things we no longer needed to the thrift store and through all of this my mom managed to keep her Country Living magazines. Well after all of these years she has decided to get rid of them! She has been kind enough to pass them on to me and I have been having a great time looking through them. I would love to have some of the pieces of furniture some of these collectors have been blessed with.
I thought just for fun I would scan some of the pictures to share with everyone in blog land. I will post and scan some more over time (if I thought I could stick with it I would do it once a week , but I know that's not going to happen).
I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I did:
I just the pieces in this dinning room. This picture is from January 1986

This picture is also from Jan 1986
The following are from Sept 1986

This picture is from Oct 1984 - I would love to own anything in this picture!
The following are from Nov 1986

I love everything here too.
And I thought the 80's were all about hearts and geese. Check back for more pictures later.

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Amazing pictures.Love it!

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